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Here is a love story … Lily

When Lily walked, everybody watched. Riveted. Her grace, her poise, her suppleness. It was like watching a silken sheet ruffling in the wind. Or like a stream of water, each wave curling effortlessly into the other.
“‘Lily, the guests will be here. Hurry up and get ready,” her mother shouted from downstairs.
“Chill mom, I’ll be another five minutes, that’s all.”
It was Lily’s 21st birthday, and the house was decked like a bride, adorned with lights and decorations. The generous flower arrangement added bursts of colour to the bungalow, while the scent of rose and lavender lingered.
“Vijay and Deepak! Why on earth are you both loitering outside her bedroom? Let her get ready for the party.”
“Yes aunty,” said Vijay sheepishly.
“No way aunty! You know we have spent days toiling for her party, and now that everything is ready, you want us to go away! We are here to escort her to the party, ” said Deepak.
He winked at Vijay and added, ” Now auntyji, YOU be on your way. we continue to wait for Lily.”
Lily and her mother, the universal aunty Sharma, were both soft natured and popular, but they both looked remarkably different. Lily was tall AND had an hour glass figure. She was the epitomy of effortless grace, and her beauty was hypnotic. Lily was mesmerizing. Her mother was not.
Mrs Sharma had the same fair complexion and airbrushed pink cheeks, but she had was short and stout. In fact if she carried on putting on weight the way she was, in a few years time her width and height would be the same! And her nose was more triangular, while Lily’s was slender and regal.
It’s amazing how the shape of one’s nose can have such a significant impact on one’s perception of beauty! Aunty Verma had told Lily for years, “You have the best nose in our family,” as if this was some great achievement, like winning a beauty contest.