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What good is bad mentorship? Protege’s perception of negative mentoring experiences

Payal Kumar and Stacy Blake-beard, The Journal of Industrial Relations, vol 48, no. 1, July 2012, p 79-93

Scholars have only recently begun to study the darker side of mentoring, also referred to as dysfunctional mentorship, toxic leadership, or negative mentorship. Within this domain, the possibility that there may be benefits for protégés at the receiving end of negative mentoring experiences, and also the likelihood that some protégés may be more inclined to negative mentoring experiences than others, is virtually unchartered terrain. To explore this in detail, social exchange theory, which posits that relationships are formed by the use of a subjective cost–benefit analysis and the comparison of alternatives, is drawn upon to examine the implications of protégés’ perception of negative mentoring experiences. This is followed by hypotheses, the development of a model, reasons for why this area has important implications, and suggested future areas of study.

Keywords: Negative and dysfunctional mentoring, mentor, protégé, personality traits, gender