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No fairy godmother for this Cinderella!

Priyanka searched for the best online flight ticket deal to take her to Raipur to attend a competitive exam. She was also attending a crash course in coaching for IIT, where she was being taught maths and science by highly-paid competent teachers.
Maithali was not so lucky. Born into a not-so-privileged family, her mother washes utensils in other peoples’ houses, while a father is a tailor who does not believe that time or money should be wasted on the education of a daughter.
Both the girls are distracted by boys. Priyanka became friends with several boys, and enjoyed the attention that was showered on her, considering that there were 60 boys and four girls in the coaching class. Maithali was seated in an area of the class surrounded by boys. At the time of an exam she would be pinched hard until she was forced to tell the boys the answers to a few of the questions, for which they had obviously not prepared for.
Although worlds apart, both the girls knew the meaning of bunking a class. Priyanka would bunk to meet up with a boy she found to be special, while Maithali came to the class of her Government school after a half an hour walk, to find that the teacher had decided not to turn up.
Priyanka wanted to be something in life and she knew she would. Maithali wanted to do something in her life other than the work that her mother did. Intelligent, confident, beautiful and vivacious, the odds were stacked against her. Life was pulling her back into the quicksand of poverty, and there was no fairy Godmother or Prince Charming to come to her rescue.