Don’t fly too high

You flew the nest at an early age,
Insistent and in a terrible rage,
We listened, my child, as we have always done,
Hoping that your happiness would come.

You have made your own nest my dear,
But have left us in a state of fear,
For the child we once cared for,
Seeks our affection no more.

You have turned your back on us so fast,
Leaving us in mid-air with nothing to grasp,
Lost and forlorn, we feel betrayed
By the Russian roulette that life has played.

Have we metamorphosed overnight?
Turned into beasts with overpowering might?
I think not, my child, we are just the same,
Maybe this is all life’s game.

My child, don’t fly too high,
After all the sun is in the sky,
It may burn your wings beyond repair,
And leave you in a state of disrepair.

We pray your cup will overflow
With happiness and a whole lot more.
Such tranquility is beyond our scope,
Yet in our heart remains a spark of hope.


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